Project_Fit_Nation was started in 2014 as a fitness group on Facebook. Jessica Tenelle Perry started Project_Fit_Nation so that fitness minded people at every level could post progress pictures, gym check ins, healthy recipes and anything fitness related. Everyone is welcome to the Project_Fit_Nation Famliy, however there is one major rule.....NO NEGATIVITY or ridiculing allowed!

Our motto is MOTIVATE, INSPIRE, TRANSFORM.  Project_Fit_Nation is a very supportive group, nobody should ever feel uncomfortable asking fitness related questions or posting fitness pictures. Members are encouraged to be proud of their hard work and accomplishments. 

Project_Fit_Nation started on Facebook with about 150 members, it has now grown to over 2000, many people have felt motivated to accomplish their fitness goals due to the positivity of our fitness family. The goal of Project_Fit_Nation is to help as many people as possible become better versions of themselves. 

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